Concerned that your conversations are being heard? Or do you think that someone has bugged your office or vehicles?

UnCover Investigations Services can help you with all your surveillance and counter-surveillance needs.

Whether you have received personal threats, feel that your phone conversations, emails and computers are being bugged or ease dropped on, or need the appropriate monitoring and security for your company or assets.

Uncover can fulfill your needs with our professional surveillance and counter surveillance team of investigations and specialist.

  • Sweeps
  • Surveillance
  • Bug Detection
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Tracking Systems
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Electronic Countermeasures

At Uncover, we work closely with our clients to analyze their situation and to recommend the latest state of the art equipment and security measures available.

Our team of highly trained specialist will also work with your legal council to process any questionable activity and will testify during trials about their discoveries during their investigations.

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