Asset Searches

We provide Financial Background and Money Tracing search services to to Government agencies, attorneys, individuals, financial institutions and corporations.

UnCover Investigations Services can locate and identify assets hidden anywhere including Canada, the United States, Central or South America, the Caribbean,Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa or the Far East or any where else .

Remember one thing: Money always leaves its foot print. From old bank account numbers that have been thrown away in trash barrels, to new overseas electronic bank account statements that have been deleted, we can always UnCover some evidence of assets.

Some firms have limitations when UnCovering assets but not us. We break down border limitations when it comes to asset tracing. We have access to a wide variety of proprietary databases both Domestically and Internationally and that why hidden assets are hard to hide from UnCover Investigations.

  • Civil
  • Fraud
  • Money Tracing
  • Asset Tracking
  • Estate Matters
  • Embezzlement
  • Asset Recovery
  • Personal Reasons
  • Money Tracking
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Hidden Asset Search
  • Bank Account Search
  • Family Reconciliation
  • Financial Background Search
  • Location and Identification of displaced assets

Investigations, regardless of the issue involved, are conducted in complete privacy and in confidence not only because of practical realities, applicable legislation and institutional policies, but, more importantly, because sound business practice, and clients, will accept no less a standard with respect to their affairs.

UnCover Investigation Services provides information about the identity and location of the asset only. The actual recovery of the asset itself, however, must occur by means of legal process, including the securing of appropriate court orders whether on a world-wide basis or, using local resources, specific to the jurisdiction concerned.

Asset investigations are conducted on behalf of local, state, federal, provincial and international law enforcement agencies, other government departments, law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, forensic accountants, fraud investigators as well as private individuals.

The ability to identify and locate persons and/or assets is a critical first step leading to reconciliation and/or recovery particularly where there has been significant diversion of funds because of theft, fraud or other forms of misappropriation in both personal, e.g. matrimonial and/or corporate, e.g. embezzlement, situations.

UnCover Investigation works with and advises solicitors and clients to provide continuing assistance in the legal recovery process with respect to any assets that have been successfully located and identified. The discovery of assets following an international location and identification investigation requires a considerable initial financial investment and, later, the services of a competent lawyer who possesses the requisite knowledge, experience and legal sophistication to initiate the formal process necessary to ultimately effect recovery of the asset(s) concerned.

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