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Our advantages – Locating Bank Accounts

Extensive Investigative Experience with Bank Locates, that’s what uncovers the whole story.


The UnCover Investigation’s detective team of expert investigators can accomplish all of your investigation needs.

We specialize in 3 key areas of investigations (Corporate, Criminal and Civil) and provide full service background and locate checks to assist with your investigation needs.

With over 5 years of investigation experience, Uncover has assisted numerous attorneys, individuals and corporations in a variety of important matters.

Our investigative areas include litigation for Corporate, Civil and Criminal matters.



Did you know?

1 We can find assets and find bank accounts for judgment collection, divorce, probate and court cases.
2 We can also locate assets for judgment enforcement, estates, pre and post litigation.
3 Before you spend thousands of dollars without knowing, doing a bank locate and asset search lets you determine if the lawsuit would be worthwhile.


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